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The Virtual File System (VFS) transport is used by WSO2 Enterprise Integrator(WSO2 EI) to process files in the specified source directory. After processing the files, it moves them to a specified location or deletes them. Note that files cannot remain in the source directory after processing or they will be processed again, so if you need to maintain these files or keep track of which files have been processed, specify the option to move them instead of deleting them after processing. If you want to move files into a database, use the VFS transport and the DBReport mediator (for an example, see Sample 271: File Processing).


Tip: When you transfer a file to a remote FTP location via VFS, the ESB tries to detect the FTP location by navigating from the root folder first. If the ESB does not  have  at least list permission  to the root (/), the file transfer fails.


Parameter Name


Possible Values

Default Value


Enable FTP passive mode. This is required when the FTP client and server are not in the same network.

true | falsefalse
transport. vfs . AppendIf file with same name exists, this parameter tells whether to create a new file and write content or append content to existing file

true | false


Set data channel protection level using FTP PROT command

  • C - Clear
  • S - Safe(SSL protocol only)
  • E - Confidential(SSL protocol only)
  • P - Private
vfs.ssl.keystorePrivate key store to use for mutual SSL. Your keystore must be signed by a certificate authority. For more information, see - Path of keystore
vfs.ssl.kspasswordPrivate key store passwordString
vfs.ssl.keypasswordPrivate key passwordString
vfs.ssl.truststoreTrust store to use for FTPSString - Path of keystore
vfs.ssl.tspasswordTrust store passwordString
transport.vfs.CreateFolderIf the directory does not exists create and write the filetrue | falsefalse
transport. vfs.SendFileSynchronouslyWhether to send files synchronously to the file host. When this parameter is set to true, files will be sent one after another to the file host. This synchronous write can be configured on a per host basis.true | falsefalse