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Welcome to the WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) 3.3.0 documentation! Get to know more about the capabilities of WSO2 EMM and its architecture.

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WSO2 EMM is an open source comprehensive platform that enables organizations to secure, manage, and monitor, Android, iOS, and Windows-powered devices. WSO2 EMM includes Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities.

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Android and iOS



Using WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) you are able to monitor the devices using the geo locations, analyze and monitor data. 


WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) provides secure ways for devices to communicate with third party applications and other devices.

Other Topics

  • Installation Guide
  • Product Administration
  • Working with the Source Code



    Enroll Android, iOS, and Windows devices on WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM), group them, rename the device name via the device management console


    Enroll a device, carry out operations on a device, group devices, apply policies on devices, and much more with WSO2 the WSO2 EMM's APIs


    WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) is able to manage your enterprise mobile devices, IoT devices, and device applications.


    Policies are a set of configurations. Policies trigger events based on the data gathered or inform the user when the device is not responding as expected. 

    The Building Blocks of WSO2 EMM

    Learn more about how you can manage devices, users and roles, applications, policies, analytics, APIs, and security with WSO2 EMM.

    What's new with WSO2 EMM?

    Take a look at the prominent features and enhancements.