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  1. Make a copy of the directory that is in the <IOTS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/devicemgt/app/units directory in the same directory.
  2. Rename the newly copied file as follows: <TENANT_DOMAIN> .
    For example, if your tenant domain is the directory name needs to be
  3. Remove the type-view.hbs files from the <TENANT_DOMAIN> directory.
  4. Update the following files in the <TENANT_DOMAIN> directory.
    1. Open the type-view.js file and replace all the content in it with the following configurations:
      Update the enrollmentURL with the URL to download the agent.

      Code Block
      function onRequest(context) {
          var viewModel = {};
          var devicemgtProps = require("/app/modules/conf-reader/main.js")["conf"];
          var isCloud = devicemgtProps["isCloud"];
          viewModel["isVirtual"] = request.getParameter("type") == 'virtual';
          viewModel["isCloud"] = isCloud;
          viewModel["hostName"] = devicemgtProps["httpsURL"];
          viewModel["enrollmentURL"] = "";
          return viewModel;
    2. Open the type-view.json file and replace all the content in it with the following configurations:

      Code Block
          "version": "1.0.0",
          "extends": ""
      titleWhy am I extending this unit?

      For this tutorial only the Android agent download URL changes. All the other content of the Android agent is the same. Therefore, all you need to do is extend the existing unit.