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This feature currently supports only the the following formats for keystores and certificates.

  • Keystore : .jks
  • Certificate : .crt

If you need to use a certificate in any other format, you can convert it using a standard tool before uploading.


The default time to apply the certificate is 10 minutes. You can configure this by changing the <fileReadInterval> parameter. Note that the time is given in milliseconds.

Adding a certificate

  1. Log in to the API Publisher. Create a new API or edit an existing API.
  2. Go to the Implement tab. Click Manage Certificates and click Add New Certificate
  3. Enter the following information and click Upload.

    AliasEnter a name for your certificate.
    EndpointSelect an endpoint from the dropdown list
    CertificateEnter the location of your certificate file or click Browse to select through the UI
  4. The uploaded certificate aliases will be displayed.
  5. You can repeat from step 2 to add a certificate to the sandbox endpoint.