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Tested ItemData StoreQuery TypeAmount of events processedAverage Throughput (events per second)

Average Latency


Message Payload Size
Simple Pass-throughNoneNone30 million900K0.912
FilterNoneFilter out all the events30 million900K1.512
Window-small (1 second)NoneSliding time window30 million100K4812
Window - Large (1 minute)NoneSliding time window30 million100K13012
PatternsNoneTemporal event sequence patterns1250 million500K55076

Event Ingestion with Persistence

Oracle Event Store

Insert252 million70K4240
Update75 million20K1240

MS SQL Event Store

Insert198 million55K44.240
Update3.6 million1K4.640

MySQL Event Store

Insert12.2 million3.4K2.1440
Update3 million5000.540
  • Event ingestion with persistence tests were conducted using the default Amazon RDS configurations.

  • All the tests for event ingestion with persistence were conducted for 1 hour.

  • Performance results were aggregated in 5000K event windows.
  • The above table had an input rate of 1000K events per second during the first four tests.
  • All the tests were conducted using TCP transport.