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  • To try out request path authentication by sending the user credentials as a query parameter in the request URL with the WSO2 Playground sample, see Try Request Path Authentication.

If you apply the 3507 WUM update for WSO2 IS 5.56.0, SSO can be applied even when both the basic authenticator and the request path authenticator are used.


You can deploy a WUM update into production only if you have a paid subscription. If you do not have a paid subscription, you can use this feature when the next version of WSO2 Identity Server is released.

To configure this, add AuthMechanism as a parameter within both BasicAuthenticator and BasicAuthRequestPathAuthenticator in the application-authentication.xml file in <CARBON_HOME>/repository/conf/identity and define both the values as basic as shown below. This configuration is enabled by default.

Code Block
<AuthenticatorConfig name="BasicAuthenticator" enabled="true">   
<Parameter name="AuthMechanism">basic</Parameter> </AuthenticatorConfig>
 <AuthenticatorConfig name="BasicAuthRequestPathAuthenticator" enabled="true" >
   <Parameter name="AuthMechanism">basic</Parameter>