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For information on the REST APIs for self sign-up, see Using the Self Sign-Up Using REST APIs.

Try out self sign up

  1. Access the WSO2 Identity Server dashboard.
  2. Click the Register Now? link and then enter the new user's username. 

    titleRegister Users for a Tenant

    If you want to self sign up a user for a specific tenant, you need to provide the Username in the following format: <USERNAME>@<TENAND_DOMAIN>

    For example, if you have a tenant domain as, the username needs to be [email protected]

  3. Fill in the user details, provide consent to share the requested information and then click Register


    For more information about consent management for self sign up, see Consent Management for Self Sign Up.

  4. Once the user has registered, first you receive an account lock email because the account is locked until you confirm the account and then you receive an account confirmation email.

  5. Click Confirm Registration in the email or copy the link in the email to your browser to confirm the account.
    Once you confirm the account, the account is unlocked and an email is sent.