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The sensitive data is configured on the CI server using its own encryption mechanisms such as encrypted values in Travis. The deployment of backend services and APIs can leverage the management APIs provided by the API management solution. WSO2 API Cloud  gives gives you the bbility ability to deploy APIs, update API documents (Swagger, WSDL, how to guides), create new versions, promote, demote, retire APIs, etc., using REST APIs is a key to getting your CI/CD story implemented with flexibility. The ability to configure API testing tools such as Newman with your CI server is key to the success of your CI/CD solution. The quality of testing scripts determines the quality of your APIs.


  • The developer keeps updating the source code of the microservice implementation, the Swagger definition, Postman scripts, deployment scripts, etc.
  • Every time the developer pushes the changes to GitHub, the Travis CI starts building the microservice implementation.
  • CI deploys the microservice into the WSO2 Integration Cloud and exposes that endpoint as a managed API in the WSO2 API Cloud.
  • In this particular example, CI does not deploy new versions. It updates the same version. However, you can configure scripts to deploy new versions upon changes and deprecate previous API versions, etc., that are consuming the managed REST APIs.
  • CI runs the Postman scripts using Newman.
  • If all integration tests are successful in the development environment, the CI continues to deploy the microservice to staging runtime, perform testing, etc.
  • Click here to try this example.
  • Though this example makes use of GitHub , and Travis, etc. , you You can configure modify it or use a similar approach with your preferres preferred CI server.