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titleControlling over exposure

Throttling tiers contain a Quota Reach Option, which might result in the gateway getting flooded with requests. You can use the Hard Level Throttling option to define the maximum number of requests per minute. For more information, see Setting Maximum Backend Throughput Limits

Configuring API Manager Analytics


For details on how to configure WSO2 API Manager Analytics, see Configuring APIM Analytics.

Data retrieving model for monetization


For more information about the event details please refer Introducing the WSO2 API Manager Statistics Model.

Table of Contents


  1. Create a subscription tier in the Admin Portal. For instructions on creating a tier, see Adding a new subscription-level throttling tier.

  2. Deploy the sample API in the API Publisher
  3. Edit the sample API. Go to the Manage tab and select the new tier you have created in the previous step. Click Publish
  4. Go to the API Store and subscribe to the sample API. You will be re-directed to the billing engine. 

  5. Sign up using the billing engine. You will be re-directed to the Store with a successful subscription. 
  6. Log in to the billing engine once more, using your credentials.
  7. Create a new billing plan according to your subscription tier as shown below.
  8. Invoke the sample API from the API Publisher.
  9. Go to the billing engine and generate an invoice as shown below 


    You have to select the correct plan and the month in order to generate the invoice.

  10. Your invoice will be generated based on usage.