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stepIdThe step number (mandatory)
optionsAn optional map that can configure step execution. Authentication option filtering is supported.
For more information, see  authentication step filtering .

The object that contains the callback functions that are to be called based on the result of the step execution.
Supported results are “ onSuccess ” and “ onFail ”, which can have their own optional callbacks as anonymous functions (optional).

onSuccess - This event callback is called when the current step or authenticator results in success. If the step includes an authenticator, the authenticator has successfully identified the subject. Depending Depending on the respective authenticators functionality, it it could also mean that the authenticator has retrieved the claims succesfully.
onFail  -  This event handler is called when the step has failed. If the step includes an authenticator, this means that the user authentication user authentication for that authenticator has authenticator has failed. Having the  onFail  event handler usually disables the default retry mechanism so as to provide the full control to the script writer. Hence, you have to implement retry logic in the script itself if the onFail  event handler is present for any "executeStep" function.


This function redirects the user to an error page . It indicating the end of the authorization flow. The error page includes the following parameters.