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  1. Download the WSO2 Identity Server from here.
  2. Run the WSO2 Identity Server.
  3. Log in to the management console as an administrator.
  4. In the Identity Providers section under the Main tab of the management console, click Add.
  5. Specify an appropriate name as the Identity Provider Name.  
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  6.  Expand the  Federated Authenticators  section, and then expand the Nuxeo Configuration section.
  7. Select Enable to enable the Nuxeo authenticator for the identity provider.
  8. Select Default to set Nuxeo as the default authenticator for the identity provider.
  9. Specify appropriate values for the following fields depending on the 
    1. Select both checkboxes to Enable the Nuxeo authenticator and make it the Default.
    2. Client Id : The client Id of the Nuxeo application you created.

    3. Client Secret : The client secret of the Nuxeo application you created.

    4. Callback URL : The service provider's URL where code needs to be sent. https://localhost:9443/commonauth

    5. Nuxeo Server URL : The Nuxeo server URL. http://localhost:8080

      titleClick here to see detailed descriptions for each configuration property
      PropertyDescriptionSample Value
      EnableSelect this to enable the Nuxeo to be used as an authenticator to provision users to the Identity Server.Selected
      DefaultSelecting the Default checkbox signifies that github is the main/default form of authentication. This removes the selection made for any other Default checkboxes for other authenticators.Selected
      ClientIDThis is the Client Id from the Nuxeo AppclientApp
      Client SecretThis is the Client Secret from the Nuxeo App. Click the Show button to view the value you enter.clientsecret
      Callback URLThis is the URL to which the browser should be redirected after the authentication is successful. The URL should be specified in the following format:
      Nuxeo server URLThe Nuxeo server URL.http://localhost:8080
  10. Click Register.