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WSO2 API Manager Microgateway is a lightweight message processor for APIs. The Microgateway is used for message security, transport security, routing, and other common API Management related quality of services. It can process incoming and outgoing messages while collecting information required for usage metering and throttling capabilities. The Microgateway natively supports scaling in highly decentralized environments including microservice architecture. Immutable, ephemeral Microgateway fits microservice architecture well. The Microgateway is capable of operating in lockdown environments such as IoT devices, since connectivity from the Microgateway to the API Management system is not mandatoryThe API Microgateway is a specialized form of the WSO2 API Gateway. Its main characteristics are:

  • The ability to execute in isolation without mandatory connections to other components (Key Manager, Traffic Manager, etc).
  • The ability to host only a subset of specific APIs (defined in the API Publisher), instead of all.
  • Immutability; if you update an API, you need to re-create the container/instance and hot deployment is not possible.

Microgateway offers you a proxy that is capable of performing security validations (OAuth, Signed JWT), in-memory (local) rate limiting and operational analytics.

The following topics explain further details about the API Microgateway, its architecture and capabilities, and how to configure, deploy and deploy troubleshoot it: 

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