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WSO2 Gadget Server

The WSO2 Gadget Server (GS) is a fully-100% open source, lean and light-weight, enterprise-grade gadget repository and portal solution available under the Apache Software License 2.0. It provides a presentation platform for enterprise mashups and services. The portal platform enables re-purposing and unification of existing services in an organization's Service Oriented Architecture.

Gadgets deployed in the WSO2 Gadget Gadgets Server are HTML and JavaScript wrapped in XML adhering to the Google Gadgets Specificationand . As a result, they can be hosted anywhere as a result. This , which increases scalability and allows organizations to leverage existing services and code to satisfy new user requirements. Gadgets are self-contained, ready-to-use applications which are task-specific and lightweight. The WSO2 Gadget Server powers the rendering and management of gadgets according to the preference of the business user via a drag-and-drop layout of gadgets, per-gadget settings and different tabs for gadget categorization among others.

The WSO2 Gadget Server's enterprise gadget repository allows business users to pick and choose additional, recommended gadgets to be added to their individual portal pages. This repository helps enterprises govern the gadgets exposed to the end-users, while the users get to rate and comment on each gadget found in the repository.Google gadget development is an easy, standards-based process where any Web developer with basic skills in HTML, Javascript, and XML can develop and deploy a custom gadget. These gadgets can be hosted at any URL, or stored and advertised within the Gadget Server's repository. Accessing enterprise Web services through a gadget is easy, reliable, and secure. And the WSO2 platform provides many options for connecting with diverse data sources, from the WSO2 Data Services Server connecting to databases and spreadsheets to the WSO2 Mashup Server connecting and collating data from multiple sources (which might include external cloud services and even Web pages).

About the Documentation

This is the official, released WSO2 Gadget Server Documentation, hosted at:

The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with information for setting up, configuring and implementing the WSO2 Gadget Server. To find a specific topic in a particular section, click on the topic name in the Table of Contents.


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Getting Started for First-Time Users


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