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Configuring the Adjust vacation request User Task  

  1. Click on the the Adjust vacation request User Task  and set the Assignee as admin in the  Main Config  section of the Properties tab. 
  2. Click Form  in the the Properties  tab of the Adjust vacation request  User Task .
  3. To create the application form to resend the leave request, click New and add a new entry for each of the following fields. 

    idNameTypeDate PatternReadableWritableRequiredForm Values
    numberOfDaysNumber of dayslong-truetruetrue-
    startDateFirst day of holiday (dd-MM-yyyy)stringdd-MM-yyyy hh:mmtruetruetrue-
    employeeNameName of employeestring-truetruetrue-
    resendRequestResend vacation request to manager?enum-truetruetrueId: true
    Name: Yes
    Id: false
    Name: No

    The properties of the Form should look like the following:

  4. Save all the artifacts that you created in WSO2 Integration Studio.
    The model is now complete as the necessary logic has been applied.