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If you did not follow Step 1 - Creating the Synchronous Processes yet, you can import the pre-packaged project of it and continue by following the steps in this Tutorial. Follow the steps below to import it to WSO2 EI ToolingIntegration Studio.

  1. Open the WSO2 EI Tooling environmentIntegration Studio, click File, and click Import
  2. Expand the WSO2 category and select Existing WSO2 Projects into workspace, click Next and upload the pre-packaged project


Adding the Sequence element

  1. Open the WSO2 EI Tooling environmentIntegration Studio.
  2. Right click on the replyOutput element, click Insert Before and click Sequence.


You need to use the OnLoanOffer operation of the LoanServiceCallBackPortType partner role for the  ReceiveLoanOffer element. Therefore, follow the steps below to use the LoanPL partner link you created before for this  ReceiveLoanOffer element as well.

  1. In the Outline tab of WSO2 EI ToolingIntegration Studio, click LoanPL under Partner Links.

  2. Select the following values in the Details section of the Properties tab.
    • My Role: LoanServiceClientRole
    • Partner Role:  LoanServiceRole
    • My Operations: onLoanOffer
    • Partner Operations: getLoanOffer