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If you did not follow Step 2 - Creating the Asynchronous Process yet, you can import the pre-packaged project of it and continue by following the steps in this Tutorial. Follow the steps below to import it to WSO2 EI ToolingIntegration Studio.

  1. Open the WSO2 EI Tooling environmentIntegration Studio, click File, and click Import
  2. Expand the WSO2 category and select Existing WSO2 Projects into workspace, click Next and upload the pre-packaged project

Also, if you are facing any problems with this Tutorial, you can import the pre-packaged project of this Tutorial to WSO2 EI ToolingIntegration Studio, and compare your configurations with the ones in it.


  1. Click on the receiveInput element.
  2. In WSO2 EI Tooling under Integration Studio under the BankLoanProcess menu, click the + sign on the Correlation Sets panel, to add a new correlation.
  3. Select the Correlation Set you created, and click Add in the Details section of its Properties tab.
  4. Click New in the Select a Property window.
  5. Enter id as the Name and click Browse.
  6. Select From Imports under Show XSD Types, select Simple Types and Complex Types under Filter, select the string XML Schema under the Matches and click OK.
  7. Click OK in the message, which pops up the set the prefix of the namespace.