This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 API Manager is a complete solution for designing and publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community, and for securing and routing API traffic in a scalable manner. It leverages proven components from the WSO2 platform to secure, integrate and manage APIs. In addition, it integrates with the WSO2 analytics platform and provides out of the box reports and alerts, giving you instant insights into the APIs behavior.

titleBefore you begin

Follow the instructions below to run WSO2 API-M.

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titleRun on Docker
  1. Run the command below to pull WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0 Docker image.

    Code Block
    docker pull wso2/wso2am:2.6.0
  2. Start a Docker container using the pulled image.
    Note that this can take a few minutes when run for the first time.

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    docker run -it -p 8280:8280 -p 8243:8243 -p 9443:9443 --name api-manager wso2/wso2am:2.6.0
    • Port 8280 and 8243 are used for API calls (HTTP and HTTPS respectively), and port 9443 is used for UI and internal services. For more information, see  Docker Hub - wso2am .
titleRun the binary
  1. Download and install JDK (AdoptOpenJDK 8, CorrettoJDK 8, OpenJDK 8, or Oracle JDK 1.8.*). and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
    For information on setting the JAVA_HOME  environment variable for different operating systems, see Installing via the ProductInstaller.
  2. Download the latest version of WSO2 API Manager.
  3. Start WSO2 API Manager by going to the <API-M_HOME>/bin directory using the command-line and then executing wso2server.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux.)