This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 API Manager provides the facility for users to share their applications and subscriptions with a specific logical group /or groups such as an organization.  As As a result of application sharing, users in the group can view and modify applications and subscriptions belonging to other users in the same group or a different group. such shared applications.

WSO2 API Manager considers the organization name you enter when signing up to the API Store as the group ID. All the users specifying the same organization name belong to the same group. Therefore, such users that belong to a single group can view each others' subscriptions and applications provided that you have enabled group sharing.

Only the application owner is capable of editing and deleting the application in the shared group.


If there is a requirement to edit or delete an application using a different user (for example due to a reason such as where the application owner has already left the organization etc.), you can achieve this by transferring the ownership of the application to that user who will be the new application owner.

Furthermore, only the application owner is allowed to generate keys for a specific shared application. However, the shared users can generate access tokens and therefore, the shared users will see the Regenerate button which is used to regenerate the access tokens, but not the  Application Keys button.

WSO2 API Manager also provides the flexibility to change this default authentication implementation. 

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  1. Start WSO2 API Manager, navigate to the WSO2 Store, and click Sign-up.
  2. Sign up to the API store as two different users (e.g., usera, userb) belonging to the same organizations. Click Show Additional Details to set the organization.

  3. Sign in as usera and add application App_A

  4. Enter the Group ID as org1 and press enter. Click Add. App_A will be shared with all the users in org1 group.

    • You can enter one group ID or multiple group IDs based on the groups with which you wish to share the application.If you have enabled group sharing, but if you have not entered a group ID in the Groups section, WSO2 API-M will automatically share the application with the users who are in the same organization that you are in, because they are considered as part of the same group.

Using application sharing