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Title: ESB Profile Samples  
Author: Nilmini Perera Mar 23, 2017
Last Changed by: Nisrin Sheriff Sep 13, 2017
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Enterprise Integrator 6.1.1 (150)
    Page: Sample 153: Routing Messages that Arrive to a Proxy Service without Processing Security Headers
    Page: Sample 266: Switching from TCP to HTTP/S
    Page: Store and Forward Messaging Patterns with Message Stores and Processors
    Page: Mediating with Spring
    Page: Sample 16: Introduction to Dynamic and Static Registry Keys
    Page: Sample 3: Local Registry Entry Definitions, Reusable Endpoints and Sequences
    Page: Setting Up the ESB Samples
    Page: Sample 256: Proxy Services with the MailTo Transport
    Page: Sample 13: Dual Channel Invocation Through Synapse
    Page: Sample 752: Load Balancing Between 3 Endpoints With Endpoint Templates
    Page: Throttling Messages (Throttle Mediator)
    Page: Template Samples
    Page: Sample 905: Inbound HL7 with Automatic Acknowledgement
    Page: Sample 656: Message Relay - Builder Mediator
    Page: Sample 54: Session Affinity Load Balancing between Three Endpoints
    Page: Sample 390: Introduction to XQuery Mediator
    Page: Database Interactions in Mediation (DBLookup / DBReport)
    Page: Sample 257: Proxy Services with the FIX Transport
    Page: Sample 651: Using Synapse Observers
    Page: Sample 8: Introduction to Static and Dynamic Registry Resources and Using XSLT Transformations
    Page: Sample 11: Using a Full Registry-Based Configuration and Sharing a Configuration Between Multiple Instances
    Page: Sample 59: Weighted load balancing between 3 endpoints
    Page: Sample 4: Specifying a Fault Sequence with a Regular Mediation Sequence
    Page: Sample 253: Bridging from JMS to HTTP and Replying with a 202 Accepted Response
    Page: Sample 50: POX to SOAP conversion
    Page: Sample 371: Restricting Requests Based on Policies
    Page: Sample 601 : Advance Rule Based Routing - Switching Routing Decision According to the Rules - Rule Mediator as Switch mediator
    Page: Sample 258: Switching from HTTP to FIX
    Page: Sample 703: Adding Security to Message Forwarding Processor
    Page: Sample 451: Conditional URL Rewriting
    Page: Sample 51: MTOM and SwA Optimizations and Request/Response Correlation
    Page: Sample 653: NHTTP Transport Priority Based Dispatching
    Page: Sample 470: How to Initialize and use a Spring Bean as a Mediator
    Page: Sample 262: CBR of FIX Messages
    Page: Sample 272:Publishing and Subscribing using WSO2 ESB's MQ Telemetry Transport
    Page: Sample 14: Using Sequences and Endpoints as Local Registry Items
    Page: Sample 650: File Hierarchy-Based Configuration Builder
    Page: Quality of Service Samples in Service Mediation
    Page: Sample 156: Service Integration with specifying the receiving sequence
    Page: Rewriting the URL (URL Rewrite Mediator)
    Page: Sample 430: Callout Mediator for Synchronous Service Invocation
    Page: Sample 391: Using Data from an External XML Document within XQuery
    Page: Sample 264: Sending Two-Way Messages Using JMS transport
    Page: Sample 150: Introduction to Proxy Services
    Page: Sample 420: Simple Cache Implemented on ESB for the Actual Service
    Page: Sample 260: Switch from FIX to AMQP
    Page: Sample 252: Pure Text (Binary) and POX Message Support with JMS
    Page: Evaluating XQuery for Mediation (XQuery Mediator)
    Page: Sample 1: Simple Content-Based Routing (CBR) of Messages
    Page: Sample 600 : Simple Message Transformation - Rule Mediator for Message Transformation
    Page: Extending the Mediation in Java (Class Mediator)
    Page: Sample 52: Using Load Balancing Endpoints to Handle Peak Loads
    Page: Sample 55: Session Affinity Load Balancing between Failover Endpoints
    Page: Sample 259: Switch from FIX to HTTP
    Page: Sample 100: Using WS-Security for Outgoing Messages
    Page: Sample 263: Transport Switching - JMS to http/s Using JBoss Messaging(JBM)
    Page: Sample 7: Using Schema Validation and the Usage of Local Registry for Storing Configuration Metadata
    Page: Sample 17: Transforming / Replacing Message Content with PayloadFactory Mediator
    Page: Sample 751: Message Split Aggregate Using Templates
    Page: Mediating JSON Messages
    Page: Sample 704: RESTful Invocations with Message Forwarding Processor
    Page: Sample 18: Transforming a Message Using ForEach Mediator
    Page: Sample 155: Dual Channel Invocation on Both Client Side and Server Side of Synapse with Proxy Services
    Page: Sample 300: Introduction to Tasks with a Simple Trigger
    Page: Splitting Messages into Parts and Processing in Parallel (Iterate/Aggregate)
    Page: Sample 58: Static Load Balancing between Three Nodes
    Page: Advanced Mediations with Advanced Mediators
    Page: Sample 701: Introduction to Message Sampling Processor
    Page: Inbound Endpoint Samples
    Page: Sample 354: Using Inline Ruby Scripts for Mediation
    Page: Sample 658: Huge XML Message Processing with Smooks Mediator
    Page: Sample 270: Transport switching from HTTP to MSMQ and MSMQ to HTTP
    Page: Sample 500: Call Mediator for Non-Blocking Service Invocation
    Page: Sample 800: Introduction to REST API
    Page: Sample 452: Conditional URL Rewriting with Multiple Rules
    Page: Sample 271: File Processing
    Page: Sample 705: Load Balancing with Message Forwarding Processor
    Page: Sample 450: Introduction to the URL Rewrite Mediator
    Page: Using Scripts in Mediation (Script Mediator)
    Page: Introduction to Integration Profile Tasks
    Page: Using the Sample Clients
    Page: Sample 261: Switching between FIX Versions
    Page: Sample 151: Custom Sequences and Endpoints with Proxy Services
    Page: Sample 362: DBReport and DBLookup Mediators Together
    Page: Sample 363: Reusable Database Connection Pools
    Page: Sample 15: Using the Enrich Mediator for Message Copying and Content Enrichment
    Page: Sample 361: Introduction to DBReport Mediator
    Page: Sample 352: Accessing Synapse message context API using a scripting language
    Page: Sample 901: Inbound Endpoint JMS Protocol Sample
    Page: Transports Samples and Switching Transports
    Page: Quality of Service Samples in Message Mediation
    Page: Sample 57: Dynamic Load Balancing between Three Nodes
    Page: Sample 440: Converting JSON to XML Using XSLT
    Page: Sample 53: Using Failover Endpoints to Handle Peak Loads
    Page: Sample 2: CBR with the Switch-Case Mediator Using Message Properties
    Page: REST API Management
    Page: Sample 460: Introduction to Eventing and Event Mediator
    Page: Miscellaneous Samples
    Page: Sample 200: Using WS-Security with policy attachments for proxy services
    Page: Sample 268: Proxy Services with the Local Transport
    Page: Sample 750: Stereotyping XSLT Transformations with Templates
    Page: Sample 12: One-Way Messaging in a Fire-and-Forget Mode through ESB
    Page: Sample 900: Inbound Endpoint File Protocol Sample (VFS)
    Page: Sample 254: Using the File System as Transport Medium (VFS)
    Page: Sample 353: Using Ruby Scripts for Mediation
    Page: Sample 351: Inline script mediation with JavaScript
    Page: Sample 400: Message Splitting and Aggregating the Responses
    Page: Sample 381: Class Mediator to CBR Binary Messages
    Page: Sample 652: Priority Based Message Mediation
    Page: Sample 655: Message Relay - Basics Sample
    Page: Sample 9: Introduction to Dynamic Sequences with the Registry
    Page: Sample 250: Introduction to Switching Transports
    Page: Sample 902: HTTP Inbound Endpoint Sample
    Page: Sample 654: Smooks Mediator
    Page: Sample 265: Accessing a Windows Share Using the VFS Transport
    Page: Proxy Service Samples
    Page: Sample 372: Use of Both Concurrency Throttling and Request-Rate-Based Throttling
    Page: Sample 907: Inbound Endpoint RabbitMQ Protocol Sample
    Page: Invoking Web Services
    Page: Sample 61: Routing a Message to a Dynamic List of Recipients
    Page: Sample 152: Switching Transports and Message Format from SOAP to REST POX
    Page: Sample 154: Load Balancing with Proxy Services
    Page: Sample 10: Introduction to Dynamic Endpoints with the Registry
    Page: Sample 251: Switching from HTTP(S) to JMS
    Page: Eventing (Event Mediator)
    Page: Sample 6: Manipulating SOAP Headers and Filtering Incoming and Outgoing Messages
    Page: Sample 62: Routing a Message to a Dynamic List of Recipients and Aggregating Responses
    Page: Sample 5: Creating SOAP Fault Messages and Changing the Direction of a Message
    Page: Sample 0: Introduction to Integrator
    Page: Sample 702: Introduction to Message Forwarding Processor
    Page: Sample 659: Huge EDI Message Processing with Smooks Mediator
    Page: Advanced Mediation with Endpoints
    Page: Caching Responses Over Requests (Cache Mediator)
    Page: Sample 360: Introduction to DBLookup Mediator
    Page: Sample 370: Introduction to Throttle Mediator and Concurrency Throttling
    Page: Sample 350: Introduction to the Script Mediator Using JavaScript
    Page: Sample 904: Inbound Endpoint Kafka Protocol Sample
    Page: Message Mediation Samples
    Page: Sample 157: Conditional Router for Routing Messages based on HTTP URL, HTTP Headers and Query Parameters
    Page: Sample 441: Converting JSON to XML Using JavaScript
    Page: Sample 267: Switching from UDP to HTTP/S
    Page: Sample 364: Using Mediators to Execute Database Stored Procedures
    Page: Sample 56: Using a WSDL Endpoint as the Target Endpoint
    Page: Introduction to Rule Mediator
    Page: Sample 255: Switching from FTP Transport Listener to Mail Transport Sender
    Page: Sample 700: Introduction to Message Store
    Page: Sample 60: Routing a Message to a Static List of Recipients
    Page: Sample 380: Writing your own Custom Mediation in Java
    Page: Sample 657: Distributed Transaction Management
    Page: Sample 903: HTTPS Inbound Endpoint Sample
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