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The WSDL Endpoint is an endpoint definition based on a specified WSDL document.

The WSDL document can be specified in 2 ways:

  • As a URI.
  • As an inlined definition within the endpoint configuration.

XML Configuration

The syntax of the endpoint is as follows.

<wsdl [uri="wsdl-uri"] service="qname" port/endpoint="qname">
    <enableRM [policy="key"]/>?
    <enableSec [policy="key"]/>?

        <duration>timeout duration in milliseconds</duration>



The service and port name containing the target EPR has to be specified with the service and port (or endpoint) attributes respectively.

enableRM, enableSec, enableAddressing, suspendOnFailure and timeout elements are same as for an Address Endpoint .


Parameters available to configure a WSDL endpoint are as follows.

Parameter NameDescription
NameThis parameter is used to enter a unique name for the endpoint.
WSDL URIThe URI of the WSDL. Click Test to test the URI.
ServiceThe service selected from the available services for the WSDL.
PortThe port selected for the service specified in the Service parameter. In a WSDL, an endpoint is bound to each port inside each service.
Show Advanced OptionsClick this link if you want to add advanced options for the endpoint.
Add PropertyClick this link if you want to add properties to the endpoint. See Properties Reference for details of the available properties.
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