This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
Getting Started with the Management Console - Identity Server 5.0.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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The WSO2 Identity Server management console is a Web-based user interface powered by JSP and AJAX. It allows users to interact with a running Identity Server instance, without having to directly interfere with any underlying configuration files. The controls in the management console are usually self-explanatory. However, the context-sensitive help tips, accessible by clicking the Help link at the top right corner of any page, are a fast and easy way to get more information. The product documentation provides further information about the technology and offers guidance on using the features and configurations.

The management console makes use of the default HTTPS servlet transport, which is configured in the catalina-server.xml file in directory <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomcat. It is essential for this transport to be properly configured in this file for the management console to be accessible to users.

The console's menu items appear in the left hand side of the Identity Server screen. The management console of the Identity Server provides a list of tools and features that you can use. These are divided among the following.

While these menu items are usually divided into MainMonitorConfigure and Tools, additional menus may appear depending on the availability of features. Each of these menus carry a list of sub menus. A product's menus and sub menus may vary depending on the product version and any additional feature you have installed to provision the server.

Main menu

The main menu in the management console includes the main list of features that the WSO2 Identity Server provides. For more details on each of these features and their usage, see the user guide.

Monitor menu

The monitor menu includes a list of features focused on providing logs and statistics related to monitoring the Identity Server. For more information on these features and their usage, see the topics on monitoring the Identity Server, which are found in the admin guide.

Configure menu

The configure menu is mainly a list of administration features which can help you customize and configure the Identity Server to suit your specific requirements. For more details on each of these features and their usage, see the topics on configuring the Identity Server, which are found in the admin guide.

Tools menu

The tools menu includes SAML and XACML tools. For more details on each of these tools and their usage, see the topics on working with tools, which are found in the admin guide.

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