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The <ESB_Home>/repository/conf/ file contains tuning parameters related to the HTTP Pass Through transport which is the default transport of the WSO2 ESB. These parameters can be modified as required based on your production environment. This information is provided as reference for users who are already familiar with the product features and want to know how to configure them.

Pass-through HTTP transport specific tuning parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault Value
worker_pool_size_coreInitial number of threads in the worker thread pool.400
worker_pool_size_maxMaximum number of threads in the worker thread pool.500
worker_thread_keepalive_secDefines the keep-alive time for extra threads in the worker pool.60
worker_pool_queue_lengthDefines the length of the queue that is used to hold runnable tasks to be executed by the worker pool.1
io_threads_per_reactorDefines the number of IO dispatcher threads used per reactor.2
io_buffer_sizeSize in bytes of the buffer through which data passes.16384 the maximum number of connections per host port.32767
http.socket.reuseaddr true


Other parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault Value
http.block_service_listIf this parameter is set to true, all the services deployed to the WSO2 ESB cannot be viewed from the http(s):<esb>:8280/services/ URL.true
http.user.agent.preserveIf this parameter is set to true,the User-Agent HTTP header of messages passing through the ESB will be preserved.false
http.server.preserve true
http.connection.disable.keepalive false
rest.dispatcher.service MultitenantDispatcherService


URI configurations that determine if it requires custom rest dispatcher

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