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If the currently selected entity is a collection, the Content panel is called the Entries panel and shows the child entries under that collection. It provides details of each entry. An entry can be either another collection or a resource. Here you can also add a new resource, add a new collection and create links.

If the currently selected entity is a resource, the Content panel provides a user interface through which one can display, edit, upload, and download the content.

The Entries Panel

The following information is given as shown in the example screenshot below.

  • Add Resource
  • Add Collection
  • Create Link
  • Child Resources - The list of child entries provides the following information:
    • Name - The name of a child resource.
    • Created On - The date when a child resource was created.
  • Author - The author who created a child resource.

You can also see the detailed information about the resource by clicking on the Info icon. The following information is available as shown in the example screenshot below.

  • Media Type
  • Feed
  • Rating

To see the available actions over a resource, click on the Actions icon.

The following actions over the resources are available:

  • Rename - Allows to rename a resource.
  • Move - Allows to move a resource to a new directory.
  • Delete - Allows to delete a resource.
  • Copy - Allows to copy a resource to a specified directory.


All these options are available not for all the resources.

Renaming a Resource

1. To rename a resource, click Rename and enter a new name to the field.

2. Click on the Rename button to save a new name of a resource.

Moving a Resource

1. To move a resource to a new directory, click Move and specify Destination Path.

2. Click Move.

Deleting a Resource

1. To delete a resource, click Delete and confirm your request by clicking Yes in the message that appears if the resource is deleted successfully.

Copying a Resource

1. To copy a resource to some directory, click Copy and specify Destination Path.

2. Click Copy.

If the resource was successfully copied, a message appears. Click OK.

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