This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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Governance Registry would function as a WS-Discovery proxy and store discovered services and related metadata. For an example any WS-Discovery compliant web services server (E.g. - Axis2) would be able to configure to use Governance Registry as a WS-Discovery proxy which would discover any deployed service and store in registry. 

For an example lets follow the given below steps to discover a service published in the WSO2 Application Server. 

  1. Add the following property to the axis2.xml of WSO2 Application Server, to configure Governance Registry to work as a WS-Discovery proxy. The value of the parameter is the URL of the web service deployed in Governance Registry to discover services. 

    <parameter name="DiscoveryProxy">https://localhost:9443/services/DiscoveryProxy</parameter>
  2. Start Governance Registry and then WSO2 Application Server using the command ./

  3. Add an Axis2 service to WSO2 Application Server (E.g. - ChainingService.aar). After adding it would be displayed on the service list as given below. 

  4. Now when we check the Service list of Governance Registry then it would display all the services which were deployed in Application Server including the newly added service. 

  5. This means that Governance Registry has discover all the web services deployed in Application Server and stored them in Registry. Now these service endpoints can be used from registry to different purposes. 


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