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You can configure single logout in WSO2 App Manager to automatically sign out from all logged in apps, when you sign out from one.

Configuring WSO2 App Manager

To configure WSO2 App Manager for single logout, select Enable Single Logout in the Step 2 - Policies section of creating a Web app, and specify the logout URL of your app as shown below.

enable single logout

WSO2 App Manager internally converts the Web app URL to a gateway URL. When persisting the logout URL, the logout acton is appended to the gateway URL by tallying it against the Web app URL. Therefore,  you need to enter the complete logout URL (including the Web app URL).

For example, if your Web app URL is http://locahost:8080/MyWebapp, the enter the logout URL as follows: http://locahost:8080/MyWebapp/?action=logout.

Configuring the Web app

As a best practice, Web apps should not contain any hard-coded resource paths when proxying through WSO2 App Manager. Similarly, if the resource path configured for the logout action of your Web application is absolute, WSO2 App Manager by-passes the gateway and invokes the direct URL, and the action sequence for single logout is not triggered.

Therefore, the logout link configuration in a JSP page of the Web app should contain a relative reference  as follows.

<li><a href=<% out.println(".?action=logout"); %>>Logout</a></li>

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